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The JAMES Project
(JESUS Ambulance & Medical Equipment Service)

The "JAMES" project is a ministry of Faith Fellowship Church which serves as a medical arm of missions to Third World Countries. Ambulances, medical supplies and equipment, followed by training, are donated to Evangelical Ministries to be used as a "Bridge" to communicate the Gospel. The "James Project World Headquarters" is a fully functional ambulance storage and maintenance warehouse and office. For more information about how you can donate to the JAMES project, contact  Jeff Burns at

Fulfilling the Great commission has become the heart of Faith Fellowship Church Missions. Presently, we are supporting fourteen different missionaries on a regular basis through our intercessors and financial gifts. These anointed ministries preach the Gospel to many varied cultures in many languages. Whether ministering to runaways and addicts in the U.S. or to barefoot children in Guatemala, the love of Jesus is impacting lives around the world. Our lives continue to be impacted as well, as people from our own Church body serve as short term missionaries to "the uttermost parts of the Earth".


If you would like to financially support one of our ministries, please contact Jeff and Kathy Burns at 828.284.0265.

Our Missions